That’s Nuts! How Nature Nux Found Its Vegan Calling

Carl Maillette, Founder
Jean Jacques Frick, Founder











3 childhood friends. 3 different professional backgrounds. 4 flavours. 1 brand new company.

Founded in 2017, Nature Nux produces a whole line of various vegan nut butters. But these products aren’t your typical, run-of-the-mill nut butters; they take production of their products to the next level. Instead of roasting the nuts in oil like other nut butter makers do to save money and time, at Nature Nux they use their oversized oven to dry roast the nuts. As Nathalie Auger, Director of Operations at Nature Nux, explains, “The dry roasting is what brings out the wonderful natural flavour of the nuts. After they come out of the oven, they are subject to what we call forced air cooling that stops the nuts to continue roasting once they come out of the oven, preventing the loss of moisture and nutritional values. We grind the nuts twice to obtain a smooth texture”.

The production process is not the only thing that sets them apart from other nut manufacturers. All products are gluten and GMO free as well as certified vegan through VegeCert. Nature Nux explains that going for certification was not only due to the economic benefits the certification presented due to the fast-growing vegan market, but also, they “are well aware of the importance of the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyle. Consumers are influencing the markets greatly to go into that direction like providing the vegan community and others with high quality vegan products”. Richard Rabkin, Managing Director of VegeCert, echoes their thoughts, “VegeCert has been witness to many companies inquiring about certification in order for consumers to associate their product with their healthy lifestyle. We help ensure that the food you eat fits with the lifestyle you want”.

When asked about consumers’ reactions to the new products, Augers says  “The feedback we have received from consumers at the Expo Santé Montreal and Quebec show as well as the people of the industry at SIAL Montreal were nothing but positive. We even ran out of our Cashew and Hazelnut Butter, consumers’ favourites!” As you can tell, the feedback they have received so far has just been, well, nuts and they are looking forward to keeping that momentum going!

Nature Nux currently carries four different nut butters: Natural Almond Butter, Blanched Almond Butter, Cashew Butter, and Hazelnut Butter. Their products will be available this summer in all major food retailers and health food stores across Canada. They can also be purchased online at