No Worries: Laiki Rice Crackers Deliver a Healthy, Tasty, Vegan Snack

What do you get when you combine a love of great-tasting, worry-free snacking with the simplest, highest quality ingredients from Thailand? A great-tasting, high quality snack with a crunch that never ends! This passion for worry-free snacking led to the development of Laiki Rice Crackers. The crackers are all made from sustainably sourced ingredients and have received much positive feedback from consumers. As the owners of Laiki state, “consumers love the simplicity of our product, the clean ingredients, and the surprisingly great taste that these crackers deliver”.

So, what’s the secret to the crackers’ great taste, you ask? “It’s the black and red rice from Thailand, which pack more nutrients and flavour than white or brown rice. By keeping the ingredients to a minimum, all the flavour you get in every crunchy bite comes from the whole grain rice itself”, says Laiki owners. Rice, oil, salt. That’s it.

Not only are the ingredients simple, but they are all certified vegan through VegeCert. The certification is “an added assurance that there are no hidden ingredients that are not vegan. The certification helps our consumers quickly identify Laiki Crackers as vegan,” Laiki owners explain. Richard Rabkin, Managing Director of VegeCert, adds, “It’s always a pleasure working with companies with ingredients as simple as these. Consumers across the globe can feel secure knowing exactly what’s going into their products even when they are produced in places far from home, like Thailand”. Laiki Rice Crackers are also certified kosher through COR. These certifications testify to the product’s high quality and simple ingredients and make enjoying them that much more worry-free. So if you ever crave a snack that’s healthy, vegan and tasty too, Laiki’s got you covered. No worries.

Laiki Rice Crackers are available for purchase at the following retailers:

Choices Markets, Farm Boy, IGA/Fresh St/HY Louie Co, Loblaws, London Drugs, Metro Ontario, Overwaitea Food Group LP, Planet Organic, Pomme Natural Market, Thrifty Foods