About Us

VegeCert is a non-profit organization that certifies vegan and vegetarian food products worldwide.

A Symbol of Trust

VegeCert has two designations, “certified vegan” for products that do not contain any animal or animal by-products including dairy and eggs  and “certified vegetarian” for products that do not contain any meat, poultry, fish, seafood or insects.

VegeCert does not simply verify a list of ingredients that make up a particular product. Our inspectors audit our manufacturing facilities to ensure that VegeCert certified products conform to VegeCert’s high standards of vegan and vegetarian compliance.

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Hear What People Say About Us

“To cater to consumers’ demand for plant-based diet preference, Backerhaus bread products are Vegan/Vegetarian certified and we are totally satisfied using VegeCert services for almost 10 years now.

Getting our VegeCert certification is very easy and convenient. Software is user-friendly with quick turn-around time and staff’s response time for any inquiries is very fast. One thing that I absolutely love about VegeCert services is the “one-stop shop” product certification where I only submit my product application once and get my vegan/vegetarian certification and kosher certification all in one package. Totally saves time and very efficient in today’s world!”

Julie Tannahill, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Backerhaus Veit

“If you manufacture a plant-based food product and you are looking for the one certification to get, VegeCert would be it. We have been working with VegeCert since 2018 and not only are they an extremely professional organization that is an absolutely pleasure to deal with, the VegeCert logo is a recognized and respected mark that instills the confidence within customers that the products they are purchasing are indeed made exclusively from plant-based ingredients. The VegeCert team are continuously updating their services and have now empowered us to manage our own profiles and made it extremely accessible and easy to edit as well as add new products and SKUs to our line-up. It has been an amazing 5 years working with the VegeCert team and we look forward to many more years ahead as we continue to grow and expand our portfolio of plant-based products that are backed by the respected VegeCert mark and logo.”

Yazeed Yasin, Co-Founder & CEO, Nanashake
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Are Your Products Vegan Certified?

VegeCert is a third party certification that assures consumers that what they are purchasing is 100% vegan