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Vegans and vegetarians are a powerful demographic in an increasingly health conscious consumer market. They are overwhelmingly interested in a reliable certification that assures them that specific food products are in line with their dietary standards. We certify thousands of vegan and vegetarian products worldwide to give consumers the reassurance that the products they are purchasing meet those standards.

In the increasingly competitive marketplace where products must compete for consumer attention, manufacturers need an advantage to set them apart. VegeCert is that advantage.


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Hear What People Say About Us

“The Vegecert staff was helpful and friendly throughout the entire process. The software was straightforward and easy to maneuver. Adding ingredients and products was a simple process. Obtaining this certification gives our clients the peace of mind that we care just as much about what we put in our products as they do.”

Tasha McDowell
Adams Handmade Soap

“Our company has always felt that it’s important to have 3rd party verification around our science and our ingredients. It assures consumers they don’t have to just take our word for it. Working with organizations like Vegecert to provide our customers with the certainty that the products they’re getting from us have been given the thumbs up from an outside group makes my life a lot easier! Vegecert is easy to work with and make the process clear and surmountable.”

Caroline Duggan
Chief Brand Officer, Lumineux Oral Essentials

“It is a real pleasure dealing with VegeCert.  Very organized process to obtain the certification we required and very easy to work with.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of such services.”

Constantine Kentros
Cache Cuisine Inc.
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What is VegeCert?

VegeCert is a non-profit organization that certifies vegan and vegetarian food, supplements, personal care products and cosmetic products worldwide.

VegeCert has two designations, “certified vegan” for products that do not contain any animal or animal by-products including dairy and eggs  and “certified vegetarian” for products that do not contain any meat, poultry, fish, seafood or insects.

The Certification Process

  • Apply online by clicking here.
  • Your application will require you to enter the ingredients and products for which you are seeking VegeCert certification into our online portal
  • Our inspectors will review your application and then schedule a virtual inspection. When our inspectors are satisfied that your products meet VegeCert’s standards, we will proceed to a contract and your products will obtain VegeCert certification.
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