The Benjamin Behind Benjamin’s Bites

Yes, there really is a Benjamin behind Benjamin’s Bites. When Debbie Eposito’s son, Benjamin, was diagnosed with multiple food allergies at 14 months, the concept for Benjamin’s Bites was born. It was created out of both a necessity and love for their son. As Debbie puts it, “I wanted our son to enjoy the simple pleasure of a cookie that was safe for his body, but also was tasty enough to share with others. We have created a product which is appealing to those with multiple food intolerances, allergies, celiac disease or for people choosing a vegan lifestyle”.

All of the products are made in small batches in their dedicated facility in Victoria, Canada. They produce 3 varieties of cookies, Chocolate Chip, Double Dark, and Sunflower Butter, as well as bite-sized, individual brownies. And the best part is, consumers say, “they taste normal!” Debbie explains that they are often asked how their products taste so good when they are missing ingredients that people consider staples in baking. Their goal is to prove that gluten free, allergy friendly, vegan snacks can taste just like mainstream ones do.

But the most rewarding feedback they receive is from the vegan community and people with multiple food allergies. Benjamin’s Bites allow people to go out with friends and enjoy a product that they know fits with their lifestyle and is safe for them to eat. The fact that they are vegan certified adds that extra assurance to their consumers. Debbie explains, “Vegan certification lets our customers know we are serious about what raw ingredients make up our cookies and brownies. We do have concerns about how animals are treated and having the VegeCert logo on all of our products gives consumers a more secure feeling about what type of ingredients we source for our delicious treats”.

And boy, are they delicious! When asked which product is most popular, Debbie answers, “it’s a bit tough to choose which is the most popular, because our customers tell us they are all delicious!”, because at Benjamin’s Bites they make sure that every bite leaves you wanting another.

Benjamin’s Bites are currently available on Vancouver Island and plan to be available in other locations very soon! For a list of stores visit  If you’d like to see Benjamin’s Bites available near you or have any questions, give them a shout: