Vegan Certification

Forbes argues that “you should turn your business vegan.”  The Guardian calls it “the unstoppable rise of veganism.” The BBC writes that increasingly veganism is “becoming a full time fixture in peoples’ lives.” Veganism is the fastest growing food trend and VegeCert can help your business capitalize on this exciting opportunity. Here’s how:   

The Certification Process

The VegeCert certification process begins by submitting a detailed list of the products and component ingredients for which you are seeking certification, as well as a description of the manufacturing facility, production process, cleanup protocols, and whether you share any equipment or production lines with non-vegan products.  Depending on the complexity of the production process, an inspector may be assigned to perform a physical audit of the facility. Once the facility, products, and ingredients are approved for VegeCert certification, we will send you a contract and invoice. Upon receipt, we will send you the VegeCert logos for your product artwork. The whole process can be completed within a few weeks.

Why Certification?

Some companies self-declare their products as vegan, but most studies show that consumers prefer an outside, independent third party certifier to stand behind a product’s claim. This is a more transparent approach by the business and gives consumers the necessary comfort that the products they are consuming are in line with their lifestyle.  

International Recognition

The VegeCert trademark is globally recognized including in the United States, Canada and Europe – really anywhere consumers look for vegan products. For example, BOS Brands are based out of South Africa, Buono Group from Thailand, Mount Mayon from the Philippines, Sweets from the Earth from Canada and Basic American Foods from the United States.

Our certified companies are located around the world and we are proud of the fact that we provide a global service that benefits local communities.  

Ongoing Certification & Promotion

VegeCert certification is renewed on an annual basis. Any new product formulations and artwork must be submitted to the VegeCert Account Manager for review and approval. This ensures that all products labeled with the VegeCert symbol are in compliance with our standards and affords us the opportunity to promote your new products on our social media channels. Vegan consumers love seeing new vegan products that are going to be hitting the market and we want to help you get the word out!

Get Certified

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