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VegeCert Vegan products contain no animal or animal by-products including dairy or eggs. Specifically, they cannot contain any of the following ingredients:

  • Animal-derived additives
  • E120 cochineal
  • E542 edible bone phosphate
  • E631 sodium 5′-inosinate
  • E901 beeswax
  • E904 shellac
  • Calcium mesoinositol hexaphosphate
  • Lactose
  • Sperm oil
  • Sermaceti
Other Animal Products:

  • Animal fibres — angora, astrakhan, cashmere, mohair, wool
  • Animal milks and animal milk derivatives — casein, caseinates, lactates, lactic acid, lactose
  • Bee products — bee pollen, bee venom, beeswax, honey, propolis, royal jelly
  • Dairy products and by-products — butter, cheese, whey, yoghurt
  • Eggs — hen, quail, duck, ostrich
  • Human-derived substances — e.g. keratin, placenta
  • Items obtained direct from the slaughter of animals — fish (including anchovies), game and their derivatives (e.g. meat/fish extracts and stocks), poultry, meat
  • Marine animal products — ambergris, capiz, caviar(e), chitin, coral, fish scales, fishmeal, isinglass, marine oils and extracts (e.g. fish oils, shark oil (squalene or squalane), seal oil, whale oil), natural sponge, pearl, roe, seal meat, shellfish, sperm oil, spermaceti wax, whale meat.

  • Amniotic fluids, animal and fish glues, carmine/carminic acid, catgut, chamois, cochineal, crushed snails or insects, fixatives (e.g. musk, civet, castoreum) hormones (e.g. oestrogen,progesterone, testosterone) ivory, lanolin(e), oil of mink, parchment, placenta, silk, shellac, snake venom, some vitamins (e.g. D3), urea, vellum, and any carriers (Gelatine is sometimes used to carry beta-carotene and D2), processing aids (Lactose is often used to fix flavour in crisps), or release agents (sometimes used to prevent confectionery and baked goods adhering to manufacturing equipment) containing/comprising substances of animal origin.
 Slaughter by-products

  • Animal fats (e.g. dripping, lard, suet, tallow), amino acids, aspic, bone, bone charcoal, bone-meal, bristles, collagen, down, dried blood, fatty acid derivatives, feathers, fur, gelatin(e), glycerin(e)/glycerol, hair, hides (leather, suede etc), hoof & horn meal, oleic acid, oleoic oil, oleostearin, pepsin, proteins (e.g. elastin, keratin, reticulin), rennet, skins, stearates, stearic acid, stearin(e)
Vegetarian Standards

VegeCert Vegetarian certified products accord with the above classifications, except may contain the following:

  • Dairy ingredients
  • Egg ingredients
  • Bee products
  • Shellac.

If VegeCert products are manufactured in facilities that contain animal based ingredients, VegeCert requires that the machinery be cleansed thoroughly between run. VegeCert works with companies to put systems in place to ensure that there is no cross contamination between VegeCert and non VegeCert products and ingredients.