For Companies

  According to a 2008 Harris Interactive study, there are approximately 7.3 million vegetarians in America, and 23 million people who follow a “vegetarian inclined’ diet.” According to a study by the Dieticians of Canada, 4% of Canadians or 1.4 million are vegetarians. Approximately 1.4% or 475,000 are vegans. Vegetarians and vegans are a powerful demographic in an increasingly health conscious consumer market.
  Vegetarians and vegans are overwhelmingly interested in a reliable certification that assures them that specific food products are in line with their dietary standards. The Toronto Vegetarian Association undertook a survey asking its constituents whether they would be interested in the VegeCert certification demarking products as vegan and vegetarian and 97% responded in the affirmative.
  In the increasingly competitive marketplace where products must compete for consumer attention, manufacturers need an advantage to set them apart. VegeCert is that advantage.