Vegetarian Certification

People who make the conscious decision not to harm living creatures want to be sure that the products they purchase are cruelty-free. But this can be difficult because items that look seemingly harmless at first glance might still contain traces of ingredients that are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. This is where VegeCert comes in. 

What We Do

Our team of specialists certifies vegan and vegetarian food products. Our “certified vegetarian” symbol applies to products that are free from meat, poultry, fish, seafood, or insects, and “certified vegan” applies to products that are 100% free from animal or animal by-products, including dairy and eggs. 

Studies indicate that there are approximately 9 million vegetarians and vegans in the United States, and up to 23 million who consider themselves vegetarian inclined or “flexitarian.” And the number is growing. We help companies – from startups to multinationals – meet the needs of this important and growing consumer demographic. Obtaining VegeCert certification both ensures that your company’s products are accessible to more discerning consumers and also makes good business sense.  

We make it easy for companies to apply for VegeCert certification – all it takes is four easy steps. First, apply via our website. Next, let us know the ingredients and products for which you are seeking VegeCert certification. Step three takes place when our inspectors conduct an analysis of your ingredients and production facility. Step four: once our inspectors are satisfied, we will draw up a contract, and your products receive their VegeCert seal of approval shortly thereafter. 

Our Standards

VegeCert adheres to strict standards. Indeed, the Toronto Vegetarian Association consulted with VegeCert to formulate those high standards. For example, when certifying a vegan-friendly product, our inspectors do not simply look for the basic, obvious animal and animal-by-products. They also inspect for the presence of other lesser-known sources, including E631 sodium 5-inosinate, E901 beeswax, Sermaceti, amino acids, bristles, collagen, and more. 

Furthermore, VegeCert requires that the machinery be cleaned thoroughly between uses if any products are produced in facilities containing animal-based ingredients. VegeCert works with companies to put systems in place to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between VegeCert and non-VegeCert products and ingredients.

Why Choose Us?

Hundreds of companies have obtained VegeCert certification and that number continues to grow. The VegeCert certification symbol is considered a mark of trust within the vegan and vegetarian community, so companies that want their products to stand out can benefit from a sense of loyalty by association. Consumers know that when they look at a product that carries the VegeCert certification, they can purchase it with the full confidence that it complies with their own personal standards. 

VegeCert, is a certification you can trust.

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