When an award-winning cosmetic dentist, a microbiologist, and a periodontist team up to create oral care products, you know the results are going to be good. Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, founder of Lumineux Oral Essentials, was fed up with the oral care products that were on the market. So, he decided to develop his own. After working with many celebrity clients in Beverly Hills and appearing on nationally broadcasted television for over three decades, he had the know-how to create the first ever clinically proven line of certified non-toxic oral care products. And now those products are VegeCert vegan certified.

The not-so-secret signature ingredient? Highly mineralized Dead Sea salt. Caroline Heerwagen, COO at Lumineux Oral Essentials, explains, “We’re doing away with the anti-bacterial approach to health, as it has now been proven through countless studies to do more harm than good. We work with the body’s microbiome to neutralize the toxins in the mouth without upsetting the delicate ecosystem that keeps bacteria in harmony. Infection is caused by the toxins bacteria excrete, so by simply neutralizing those toxins we can restore good health to the mouth.”

Their formulations are specifically designed to target various dental needs such as whitening, sensitivity, gum health, and dry mouth. They produce 4 toothpastes, 4 mouthwashes, whitening strips, and a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. When asked which product is most popular with consumers Caroline says, “Our best-selling product is our patented whitening strip! This revolutionary product is clinically proven to whiten as well as the Crest 3D whitening strip without causing sensitivity and damaging enamel.” They also offer a strawberry flavored kids’ toothpaste.

The products not only taste good and are results oriented, but, most importantly, they’re safe to use. When formulating these products, Dr. Maddahi wanted to make sure that there were no “Do Not Swallow” labels and no bleaches. The products are produced in highly regulated facilities with a double pasteurization system to maintain the highest quality of freshness without adding harmful chemicals. All of their products are certified non-toxic and vegan. When asked why they decided to pursue VegeCert vegan certification, Caroline explains, “This process was super important to us, because we want all of our products to be as inclusive as possible, and that includes being available for people who have dietary restrictions. We are a plant and mineral based line of products and the best way to show that was to have VegeCert!”

Lumineux Oral Essential has found favor in the eyes of not only health professionals but the general public as well. Their oral care products are some of the highest rated on Amazon and they work with thousands of influencers on social media who are sharing their love for the company. Great tasting, good for you, effective oral care that’s vegan certified. Now that’s definitely something to smile about.

Products are available in retail stores across the United States and available on Amazon. For a store locator and more info visit www.oralessentials.com.